Establishment of CaPSU at the Health Centre

Yet another milestone for the AAUP Subcommittee on Student Welfare: Establishment of CaPSU at the Health Centre.

The 03rd of July 2022 marks a historic day in the activities of the AAUP, with the launching of the Counselling and Psychological Support Unit (CapSU) at the Health Centre.

This landmark project was initiated due to a plea from the President of the AAUP Canberra Chapter, Mr. Pushpan Piyigala, an Agriculture alumnus. The fate of several of his batch mates who dropped out from graduate studies due to mental health problems lingered in his mind for decades. His request to develop a system to help such students with financial support from the Canberra Chapter became a reality within 05 months.

The AAUP, armed with a Concept document, met the VC-Prof. C.M.D. Lamawansa. He not only gave the green light to the project but also the support of the Psychiatry Department of the Medical Faculty. Thus, CaPSu was born overnight, appointing 2-trained counsellors to work for specific hours during the day and a 24-hour call system. The President AAUP, former and present VP of the Subcommittee, the dynamic Director of CaPSU, Dr. Sayuri Perera and members, the CMO Dr. Chandima Herath and her team at the HC are to be congratulated for fulfilling this long–felt need of students and staff.


  • Post On: Aug 22, 2022 [ 1 year ago ]