Scholarships are awarded for excellence in a given subject at an Examination, in a given year. There are two categories of scholarships with different funding schemes and duration.

The endowed scholarships are awarded once a year for excellence in a given subject and ensure that your named scholarship rewards a different student each year for excellence in the given subject, for years to come.

The establishment of an endowment scholarship is a long term commitment. The donor has to establish an endowment with a one-time capital fund whose annual interest would go towards the payment of the stipulated amount each year for the scholarship, over many years. At present, the minimum capital for an endowment scholarship is Rs. 250,000.00. The endowment can be funded by an individual, a family, a group of alumni or a professional organization.

Alternatively, a donor may wish to make available for the scholarship only the stipulated amount for a given year, with the commitment for a minimum period of five years. This could be achieved with a one- time investment of Rs. 75000.00 for the 5-year period. These amounts would increase in the coming years with inflation.

The designation and the selection criteria for a donor funded scholarship (Eg. Prof. Ashley Halpe Memorial Scholarship for the Best Performance in English at the 1st year Examination) is decided by the donor. The AAUP makes the request to the relevant Dean of the Faculty to name the student who has obtained the highest mark in the given subject at the Examination specified by the donor. The AAUP then informs the selected student and gives further instructions. The scholarship recipients receive their certificates and the cash /cheque award at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the AAUP, held in March each year. Instructions are also given to the recipient on how to contact the donor to acknowledge the award.


Need-based Studentships are provided to undergraduates in need of financial assistance. Not all students admitted to the University are given accommodation in Halls of Residence. Unable to bear the rising costs of outside accommodation and food (even while receiving the Mahapola Scholarship of Rs. 5,000.00 per month), several students have opted to drop out from graduate studies or are under unbearable stress that affects their studies and health. Such students appeal to respective faculties and the AAUP for financial assistance, annually. Students in financial need are unable to enjoy their stay on the campus and perform well at examinations.

The AAUP provides financial assistance to undergraduates facing problems due to a multitude of reasons. Some of them have; poor home support, physical disability, distress due to unexpected emergencies. Students selected to attend national and international academic and extracurricular events need financial assistance to meet their personal expenses etc. Studentships are offered to selected needy students annually or when the need arises.

Generous contributions towards need –based studentships would particularly help students who are unable to enjoy the ‘Pera’- experience, or perform well at examinations during their stay on the campus due to financial constraints. A Need-based Studentship can be established with a one-time fund or recurrent funding. With several levels of funding for Studentships, donors can find the right option for their financial situation.

A perpetual need- based studentship can be established with a capital investment that would help the student over the entire degree program (of 4- 5 years) or part of the degree program (1-2 years). The student would receive a monthly stipend from the interest incurred from this capital investment. The AAUP will decide the stipend for the particular year considering inflation. Through a Need- based perpetual studentship a student would receive a monthly stipend for one year or over a stipulated number of years, depending on the donor’s wish and investment.

Considering the fluctuation of interest rates, a minimum capital investment of Rs 1,500,000.00 is required for a perpetual fund to provide a year-long studentship, ensuring the payment of Rs. 5,000.00 per month to the student.

Furthermore, 20% of the interest derived from the capital of any studentship is added to the respective studentship fund to top up the capital. Only 80% of the interest is paid to the student. When adequate money is not earned from the interest, AAUP has to request the donor to top-up the deficient amount or otherwise that particular studentship will not be awarded for that particular year and would be stalled until adequate amount is generated with the existing interest rates.

A Need-based Studentship can be established by investing annually, ensuring a monthly stipend for 12 months. To ensure the continuity of this scheme over a year, the annual investment has to be made available to the AAUP at the end of year (December) to begin the studentship from the beginning of following year.

The selection of students for the afore-mentioned scheme will be the responsibility of the Student Welfare Committee of respective faculties under the supervision and recommendations of the Deans based on the following guidelines: The need- based support scheme helps students with different needs, some of which are listed below

  • Financial aid to support differently- able students with special needs from financially poor backgrounds needing extra help during their academic program
  • Financial support under exceptional emergency and distress situations such as accidents/ sexual harassment/ physical injury/ mental conditions
  • Partial financial support to meet personal expenses of needy students participating in National and International Conferences/ Seminars/ Workshops
  • Partial financial support for personal expenses of needy students selected/nominated to represent the university on sports and cultural activities at international level
  • Financial support to students who do not receive the stipulated Mahapola and other scholarships /funds due to failure at examinations due to medical and family problems
  • Financial aid in case of death, permanent total disablement or mental health condition of the father or the bread-winner of the family
  • Financial aid under exceptional situations of loss of study material due to natural disasters or other disasters
  • For any other such cause as may be deemed appropriate by the Student Welfare Committee, from time to time.
  • Applications will be called by Student Welfare Standing Committee (SWC) of the AAUP led by the Vice President (VP). SWC consists of volunteer members of the EXCO of the AAUP and faculty academic staff members representing each faculty.
  • SWC decides the value of the studentship considering the inflation rate of the country. Usually this decision is made in July-August each year. The approval for the decisions will be obtained at an EXCO meeting.
  • VP-SWC contacts AAUP chapters, personnel donors and other well-wishers to find out the number of studentships which they like to offer for the following year.
  • Based on the responses of the donors, SWC decides on the number of studentships for each of the nine faculties.
  • VP-SWC requests Deans of respective faculties to send a list (by email) of deserving students and to complete an application form giving details of the student. After receiving the names from respective faculties, students are contacted and further information is requested from them via an information sheet /Google form sent by email.
  • Donations for scholarships and studentships are welcome from the University/ Faculties/ Department of Study/ Past graduates/ Alumni/ Alumni Chapters/ current and past academic and administrative staff/ well-wishers/ any other sources outside the University system interested in student welfare.
  • Donations received, the capital, will be deposited in FD accounts. Studentships are given using the interest received from FDs. Therefore, the value of the studentship varies depending on fluctuating interests rates of the bank. When adequate funds are not earned from the interest, the AAUP requests the donor to top-up the amount, or that particular studentship will be stalled and not awarded until sufficient funds are generated at the existing interest rates.
  • The number of Studentships that can be awarded in a given year will depend on the availability of funds.
  • Requests received for Studentships shall be assessed individually to determine how best we can help the student.
  • Selected students shall receive the stipulated amount for 12 months of the particular year.
  • Funds will be transferred to the student’s bank account monthly by the Treasurer of the AAUP.
  • Recipients of studentships are required to acknowledge the donor via email and copy the same to the AAUP.

All types of assistance given by the Studentship scheme shall be subject to the consideration and approval of the Executive Committee of the AAUP

  • Funds received through the above sources shall be credited to the Savings Account No.76458461 of the “Student Welfare Fund of the AAUP” at the Peradeniya Branch of the Bank of Ceylon.
  • The President and the Treasurer of the AAUP shall issue an official receipt signed by them to the donors immediately on receipt of funds into the AAUP bank account.
  • The Treasurer and President or Secretary of the AAUP shall withdraw funds from the account as decided at monthly ExCo meetings.
  • All transactions made under the fund shall be entered into a ledger account.
  • The fund shall be operated according to the administrative and financial regulations of the Constitution of the AAUP.
  • The Auditors appointed by the AAUP at its AGM shall audit the annual accounts of the AAUP. A summary of the annual Audited report is distributed among the membership at the AGM.
  • Also, the audited report shall be made available to donors upon request.

Those who wish to offer scholarships and studentships please contact:

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