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  • 29 MAY 2018, Tuesday

Poson Dansala

The residential students are organizing “poson dansal” with the participation of boarders

  • 14 APR 2014,Saturday

Hilda Night

The farewell of the final students annually with the support of the staff of Hilda Obeysekara hall....Read More


Past And Present

The Hilda Obeysekara hall (HOH) situated between open air theater and Sangamittha Girl’s Hall facing to Galaha-Peradeniya road and the Mahaweli River flows behind the hall giving esthetic value to it.The famous “Hilda Tree” is the land mark of the hall that easily shows where the HOH hall is.When the university was shifted to Peradeniya in 1951-52 there were five halls of residence at Pereadeniya and Hilda Obeysekara was the only hall available for women.Hilda Obeysekara so called lady Paul Pieris was one of the generous contributors in large to the university and also great pursuit of supporting education especially for the stimulation of research.In considering her affection to higher education though she was not a reputed scholar,Sir Iver Jennings,the first Vice Chancellor of the University of Peradeniya,named this hall after her.According to the history of university,Locating of hall also leaps with interest of the Lady Hilda Obeysekara.It says this hall of residence located at thefoot of the Sangamiitha Hill had some significance because Sangamiitha Theri gave religious guidance to the women folk and lady Obeysekara too in a different manner supported the women folk to be enlightened and also be elevated in the society.Hilda Obeysekara Hall(HOH) were named after benefactors who gave large endowments to the national university. “

Lady Hilda Obeysekara

HOH was a Women’s Hall till 1972 and through that period the warden of was Miss K Mathiaparanam, a Lecturer in the Department of Philosophy. HOH was one of the best Maintained halls in this campus and each room had one bed(later two,a stool and two easy chairs.It was maintained in such good shaped that sometimes international conferences were held-the guest staying in the hall. HoH was also need often as a venue for cultural activity.According to the memories of one of the great scholars of the university of Peradeniya during 1959-63,the great Indian Music maestro Pandti Ravi Shanker Performed at the HoH common room.Also for several years the second quadrangle was utilized for annual drama performances. The“Hall colour”is light bluand the hall crest,as envisaged by the founders was “red Iron rampant on a field of light blue.The crest now installed in the hall dining room.


Hall discipline, rules and regulations

It is a responsibility of all hall members to obey the rules and regulations, which are enacted by the hall authority. A hall consists of variety of people including academic staff, administrative officers, students, laborers and sometimes visitors. The hall should be a calm and quiet place for all, if not all the hall executions will be problematic.


• To confirm personal freedom.
• To maintain unity.
• To ensure physical and mental relaxation for studies
• To avoid the disturbances to basic human needs
• To provide entertainment facilities
• To provide facilities for group activities
• To train to use public properties properly.
All the rules and regulations mentioning below are common for all the students,academic,non-academic staff.

Hall discipline

•All the students should have their identity card or student recordbook always and they should be able to confirm their identity to warden, sub-warden or other authorized officer anytime.
• Should protect silence of the hall premises after 10.00pm. Even academic discussions after 10.00pm should not bother to other students after 10.00pm.
• Should use laptops, televisions, radios and phones without disturbing other students and should use earphones when needed.

Providing accommodation facilities for visitors

• Cannot provide accommodation for visitors. If there is a fair reason students should get permission from hall administration.
• Even with the permission of the hall administration visitors can only stay one day in the hall.
• If students break this rule is a reason to lose hostel facilities and can get legal actions visitors.
• Unions which are not registered under student service unit are not allowed to organize any meeting at the hall.

Facilities of the hall

Hilda Obeysekara hall has enormous number of facilities such as canteen, Common room, Study room, Playground and Entertainment facilities. Hilda Obeysekara hall is near to the Open Art Theater “Ediriweera Sarachchandra Theater ”Which is world famous for best Sri Lankan stage dramas. So, residents can enjoy lots of entertainment opportunities without disturbance. It gives extra beauty to the hall due to playground, attractive pond and open gardens with greenish background which provides fresh air and good mentality. Students can gain good and nutritional foods at low cost from 6.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. Inside the hostel itself. Residents use the study room for their academic work within 24 hours. This includes good and protective security facilities for students specially at night time. Students regularly use the playground to improve their physical fitness including Cricket, Net Ball, and Volley Ball etc. In addition, cleaning facilities in the residence hall is managed in a very environmental friendly manner and this enhances the beautyand healthiness of the hall.

Common room.


Reading Room.



Hilda obeysekara hall provides a comfortable and supportive home to 584(April 2018)students and nearly 36 staffs with safe and secure.Among the students 79 students from Faculty of Medicine,403 students from Faculty of Arts and 102 Students from Faculty of Allied Health Science are accommodated in the hostel. All of these students are following 300 & 400 levels of their degree programme. Moreover the hostel provides facilities to University administrative staffs,Permanent and Temporary academic staffs of Faculty of Allied Health Science,Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Arts and Facultyof Management from various departments. In the meantime the hostel provides accommodation for foreign students and staffs.


This is a three storied girl’s hostel which maintains the nature and beauty with 14 labours and a supervisor. Academic and supporting staffs also assigned with responsibilities to look after the discipline and other mandatory requirements of the hostel. In addition, they maintain the relationship between multi ethnic and multi-cultural staffs and students.


Physical Structure

Physical structure of the Hilada Obeysekara hall is exclusively manifesting the uniqueness of the architectural elegance of University of Peradeniya. It is no secret that Hilda Obeysekara Hall can be considered as a valuable embellishment which enhances the distinctive beauty of University of Peradeniya.This hall is surrounded by renowned Ediriweera Sarathchandra Open Air Theater, Sangamittha and James Peris fraternal residential halls and attractive Mahaweli river. When considering the interior of the Hilda Obeysekara Hall it is consisted of seven three-storied buildings which are well known as wings are gloriously arising towards the sky. Each wing is comprised of three floors in which four twin rooms and one staff room is included in one floor.

Inside view of a room



A student is studying

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