The Best-Performing Landscape Employees Are Appreciated

The University organized a certificate awarding ceremony on October 24th in a bid to appreciate the employees of the landscape division of the University of Peradeniya. The landscape division is responsible for maintaining over 150 acres of land in the university park. Twenty-three best-performing employees were awarded certificates of appreciation and cash prizes. Professor MD. Lamawansa, the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Terrence Madhujith, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Ms. Jayantha Dharmasiri, the Acting registrar, Mr. AMNB. Arampath, the Bursar, Dr. Nalin Suranjith, Acting Curator, Mr. AGA. Bandara, Curator of the University, Ms. Sanjeewani Marasinghe and Ms. Thushari Amarasena, Deputy Registrars of General Services and Non-Academic Divisions participated in the event.