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Ramanathan Night

Ramanathan Night is an annual event which is organized by the students of the hostel. This event is portrays various talents of students of the nine faculties through a vibrant array of activities organized by the students themselves.





Past & Present

Additional to the hall maintenance, over the recent decades many developments have happened in the Ramanathan hall. The major activities include the addition of new wing to the hostel facility; complete rewiring of the electric supply system and the installation of the new sink system to the cafeteria.

History of the Hall”

The Ramanathan Hall was established in 1950's and the architecture was designed by Mr. Shirley de Alwis. The chief construction engineer was Mr. D.A. Peris. The Hall was named in honour of Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan. It was initially established as a boy's hostel and the hall had around 300 students. Currently it facilitates more than 1000 female students and it is the largest girl hostel in the University of Peradeniya accommodating the highest number of students.


Hall rules and regulations

Students are required to be within the hostel before 7.30 pm and are allowed to leave at 6.00am in the morning. With valid reasons, students are able to obtain early passes to leave at 4.30 am earliest and the late passes to arrive at 10.00 pm. Male visitors are allowed only to the canteen and the dining area from 6.30 am to 7.30 pm. The students have to inform the hall authorities before when they leave the hostel at weekends, holidays or vacations. No pets are allowed in the hostel premises.


Students are highly encouraged to follow those rules and regulations to ensure students safety and discipline. The rules and regulations have implemented with the aim of molding Peradeniya Female graduates to become well-mannered female leaders in the future.

Hall discipline

  • The students are informed to dress appropriately within the hostel premises and encouragefollowing rules and regulations.

  • The dining area, common room and the study room are common to all students, thus we expect well manners at those areas all the time.

  • The facility is Polythene free and we expect our student's fullest cooperation to maintain the proper garbage disposal system.

  • Providing accommodation facilities for visitors

    Female visitors are allowed to stay maximum one week with the permission of the Hostel administration. Students should obtain visitor passes for their visitors with a valid reason.

    Facilities of the hall

    Private cafeteria in order to cater the food requirements of the students is available, Outdoor small sports ground facilities for the students are available, Indoor recreational facilities, Television, and Newspaper availability in the common room are available, One common Room, One large reading room in the ground floor, two small reading rooms in the upstairs are available with facilities.

    Well-equipped canteen.

    Dining area.

    Study room.

    entertainments (TV room and the Piano room).

    Shrine rooms (Buddhist and Hindus).

    Outdoor games (Volley ball, Netball, Badminton).



    Around 1250 first year female students from nine faculties of the University of Peradeniya.

    a) Arts
    b) Management
    c) Science


    The Warden, The Sub-warden, Six Academic sub-wardens.

    Senior Academic Sub-warden:
    Academic sub-warden:
    Academic sub-warden:


    Hall Capacity & Structure

    There are 74 Rooms available for students and 2 Staff rooms for Academic Sub wardens in addition to the Full time Subwarden’s residential facilities. Two garages, few stores and few laborers’ rooms are available. Students’ rooms are although same in size and structure, they are different in allocation of students.

  • I. The room with one bunk bed, two single beds and the other furniture for accommodation of 4 students.
  • II. Three single beds and the other furniture for accommodation of 3 students.
  • The Garden

    Reading Room

    Small reading room

    Out side the hostel

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