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Recent Events (2018 - 2020)

Streamlined the office activities

  • Prepared a work allocation roster for Academic Sub-wardens (considering their preference) and a recording system.
  • Noticed all important advices and information for the students.
  • Prepared a Simple “Letter Head” for the hostel.

    Improved the Hostel arrangement system

  • Improved the waste disposal method and arrangement.
  • Removed the abandoned furniture items from common places.
  • Named all the additional/outside/store rooms and prepared inventories.

    Enhanced the academic environment of the hostel

  • Re-arranged the common rooms for effective usage.
  • Improved the pattern of use of News papers.
  • Developed the small common reading rooms (upstairs) for the benefit of students

    Environmental development of the hostel

  • Started to enhance the landscape of the hostel.

  • About

    History of the Hall

    In 1952, four halls of residence for male students were open in the university and “James Peiris Hall” was among them. This hall is at the south end of the university park. It stands above the university road and overlooks the Hilda Obeysekara Hall, and near to the Ediriweera Sarath Chandra Open Drama Theater. James Peiris Hall was named after Sir James Peiris, the ex vice-president of the legislative council and he was one of the founders of the Ceylon University College.

    On the 1st February 1956 the then Governer genaral, Sir Oliver Gunathilaka had unveiled the portrait of Sir James Peiris and this portrait still hangs on the wall of the dining hall of the hostel. The James Peiris Hall has been changed from male students to female ones and vice versa from time to time and as a result the hostel became the male one in 2009 and has been onwards so.

    Who is “James Peiris”

    Sir James Peiries was instrumental in convincing the legislative council to set aside a portion of the surplus balance for the founding of a university in Ceylon. As a result, the legislative council allocated 3 million rupees in 1924 to create a fund to facilitate the establishment of the proposed university. Later on as a member of the Adversary council of the new university of this country, he injected his expertise for the successful functioning and the future progress of the university. His steadfast involvement in the university project was vividly illustrated when Professor Marrs referred to him as a member of an “enlightened band who carried through the beginning of the University”.


    Hall discipline, rules and regulations

    It is a responsibility of all hall members to obey the rules and regulations, which are enacted by the hall authority. A hall consists of variety of people including academic staff, administrative officers, students, laborers and sometimes visitors. The hall should be a calm and quiet place for all, if not all the hall executions will be problematic.

    Vision of the Hall

    Establishing a malty cultural environment and assure to build up an intellectual freedom in the hall and contributing towards the university vision.

    Rules and regulations.

  • By-laws made by the council of university of Peradeniya are imposed in this hall of residence.

  • Residential students are not allowed to provide accommodation for unauthorized persons in their rooms.

  • The hall administration is the sole authority to provide accommodation to the students and interchanging the rooms and their assets between the students by their own are strictly prohibited.

  • Hall disciplines

  • Not to put leftover food to the dining table and use the bins for throwing them away

  • Should follow the waste management regulations/ separations

  • Don’t put dust, wrappers and pieces of papers in front of your rooms

  • Don’t use & store liquor in your rooms

  • Don’t damage the rooms and room items

  • Don’t damage the common room properties

  • Not to use electricity for food processing in your rooms

  • Not to damage the landscape of the Hostel
  • Facilities of the hall

    Private cafeteria in order to cater the food requirements of the students is available, Outdoor small sports ground facilities for the students are available, Indoor recreational facilities, Television, and Newspaper availability in the common room are available, One common Room, One large reading room in the ground floor, two small reading rooms in the upstairs are available with facilities.

    Common room.

    Sport and Entertaintment.

    Reading Room.



    Currently, first year students of the following faculties are in residence. They are,

    a) Arts
    b) Management
    c) Science


    Senior Academic Sub-warden: Mr. W.U.C.T. Kamalrathna
    Academic sub-warden: Dr. T. Vinayagathasan
    Academic sub-warden: Mr. G Jayatheeswaran


    Hall Capacity & Structure

    There are 74 Rooms available for students and 2 Staff rooms for Academic Sub wardens in addition to the Full time Subwarden’s residential facilities. Two garages, few stores and few laborers’ rooms are available. Students’ rooms are although same in size and structure, they are different in allocation of students.

  • I. The room with one bunk bed, two single beds and the other furniture for accommodation of 4 students.
  • II. Three single beds and the other furniture for accommodation of 3 students.
  • The Garden

    Reading Room

    Small reading room

    Out side the hostel

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