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The Halls of Residence in Hindagal hall consist of study-bedrooms which are shared by the students. Science faculty first year 50 student are given the residence for this year. A nominal fee per term is charged for room and electricity. An additional fee per month is charged from students using their own electrical appliances such as irons, radios etc. Meals are available at hall canteens and the cafeterias located in the University where food is provided by private caterers at prices fixed by the University.

Hall discipline, rules and regulations

Residence rules and disciplinary procedures are designed to ensure that students adhere to a responsible and considerate code of conduct.

Facilities of the hall



Faculty of Science, First year, 50 male students


Warden, Full time sub-warden , Twolabours.

Senior Academic Sub-warden:
Academic sub-warden:
Academic sub-warden:

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