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Recent Events

Annual Vesak celebrations

Every year students prepare creative decorations for Vesak celebrations. This even provides a unique opportunity for students to enhance creativity and harmony among the students.

Annual Pirith Chanting

The hall organizes a pirith chanting annually for well-wishing all the residents.

Inter hall Games

Arranged a tea party on 1st of January 2019

Student welcome

There is a separate registration day for the first year students and a meeting is held introducing the hall and to welcome them.


Past And Present

The Hall was opened for residence on 1st October, 1964. Drs . P Senavirathna and G Tambyahpillay were appointed the Wardens and Drs. A Thureirajah, U. S. Kuruppu and Messrs N. S. Karunarathna and P D Premasiri were appointed the sub – wardens.Two hundred and forty students and in addition 21 members of the staff were in residence during the 1st term. From the 240 students, 180 were from the faculty of Engineering and the others from the Faculties of Arts and Science.The cooperation and the initiative shown by the Hall society in every matter concerning the hall has been exemplary and the staff – student relation excellent.Over the time Akbar hall has improved in many ways. while adding following facilities;

  • Concreting the access road to the hall
  • Replacing old all mattresses
  • Introducing garbage disposal system according to waste type (Plastic, Paper and Food waste)
  • New noticeboards
  • Renovation of rooms
  • Gallery

    Hall discipline, rules and regulations

    The rules and regulations enacted by the university council time to time are applicable to all residents of the hall. In addition to that, some hall specific regulations are empowered to establish a better environment for the residents.


    Establishment of a multi-cultural environment and to build up an intellectual freedom in the hall and to maintain a clean and calm environment for the residential students and academic staff while ensuring optimum usage of hall facilities maintaining and protecting the hall of residence and its properties to the maximum possible level.

    Hall discipline

    Garbage disposal, usage of inventoried items etc. are regularized and strictly monitored. Writing or painting on the furniture and walls are strictly prohibited. Monitoring and fining procedure have been established for such malpractices.

    Providing accommodation facilities for visitors

    Accommodation facilities are allowed traditionally for all male visitors such as staff members, parents of students, close relations etc. for a maximum of 3 days duration under permission of warden or full-time sub warden.

    Facilities of the hall

    Akbar hall provides following facilities to students.


    Outdoor games.

    Indoor games.




    The hall has facilities for 606 students. currently 562 students reside in the hall. Mainly the first year, Third year and Final year of the Engineering faculty are in residence now, Third year and final year students of Management are in residence as a small group of their Batches in total.


    Academic And Non- academic

    Name Designation Faculty/ Department T.P. E-MAIL
    Dr. Asitha Bandaranayke Academic Warden Department of Computer Engineering 0715117771 asithab@ce.pdn.ac.lk
    Mr. Sunil Karunasiri Full time Sub Warden 0712285793 karunasiri@yahoo.com
    Dr. Panduka Neluwala Academic Sub Warden 0771662048 neluwala@gmail.com
    Mr. K. G. Wickramasnghe Clerk 0776936662
    Mr. R. G. W. Kumarawansha Labors 0715571277
    Mr. D. M. T. L. Dissanayake Labors 0770718562
    Mr. A. V. S. U. Kumara Labors 0711671154
    Mr. D. D. M. N. C. Dissanayake Labors 0717767063
    Mr. S. T. A. R. Jayasinghe Labors 0756693704
    Lanka Multishine (Pvt.) Ltd. (For Year 2019) Private Cleaning Service
    Mr. R. M. G. A. Bandara Temporary Lecturer Agriculture / Agriculture Biology 0766099468 gayanaroshanabandara93@ gmail.com
    Mr. A. M. C. M. Alahakoon Temporary Lecturer Agriculture / Crop Science 0714239585 chamara1212aguop@ gmail.com
    Mr. R. G. R. N. K. Ariyarathna Research Assistant Engineering/Chemical 0714429972 rajithanuwank@yahoo.com
    Dr. Lakshitha Rathnayake Lecturer(Probationary) Engineering / Civil 0766406623 lakshithar@pdn.ac.lk
    Mr. J. A. S. C. Jayasingh Lecturer(Probationary) Engineering / Civil 0772209662 supun0chamara@gmail.com
    Mr. Jayawardhana E.P.S.I. Temporary Instructor Engineering / Mechanical 0713842710 e11189suresh@gmail.com
    Mr. Peiris M.P.R.I Temporary Research Assistant Engineering /Manufacturing & Industrial 0775401626 rajithalakshanpeiris@ gmail.com
    Mr. Hettige T.C. Temporary Instructor Engineering / Electrical & Electronic 0768534067 chanah@eng.pdn.ac.lk
    Mr. L. K. Ekanayake Temporary Instructor Engineering / Electrical & Electronic 0718283092 lahiru100@gmail.com
    Mr. D.D.N.S.N. Gunawardhane Temporary Instructor Engineering / Electrical & Electronic 0702108531 sngunawardhane92@ gmail.com
    Mr. N. Sivakumar Lecturer(Probationary) Arts/Political Science 0779262369 yosivan@yahoo. com
    Mr. Wijerathne A.A.K. Temporary Instructor Engineering / Chemical & Process 0715505140 wijerathna.aak@gmail.com
    Mr. Jayasinghe J.A.T.P Temporary Instructor Engineering / Civil 0715230391 thusharajayasinghe520@ gmail.com
    Dr. A. J. Dammika Senior Lecturer Engineering / Civil 0774145640 dammikaaj@gmail.com
    Mr. G. Yasotharan Temporary Instructor Engineering / Civil 0756380368 gjaso@ymail.com
    Mr. M.M.K. Sirisena Engineer Engineering/ Workshop 0718248608 mmks@pdn.ac.lk
    Mr H.G.C.R. Laksiri Temporary Instructor Engineering/ Production 0715395627 hgcrlaksiri@gmail.com
    Mr. Lakmal S. D. R. Temporary Instructor Engineering/ Production 0770388167 lakmalramida@gmail.com
    Mr. Nithurshan M. Temporary Instructor Engineering / Civil 0766018562 nithurshanm@gmail.com
    Mr. Dias D.D. Lecturer Engineering / Civil 0718721872 daham@pdn.ac.lk
    Mr. A.M.B.G.D.A. Athauda Lecturer(Probationary) Engineering/ Production 0714792975 dharshana036@gmail.com
    Mr. Thameern S.M. Lecturer(Probationary) Arts / Arabic & Islamic Civilization 0714962168 mohammedthameemnaja@ yahoo.com
    Mr. Dissanayake D.M.M.P. Temporary Instructor Engineering / Civil 0713442645 madhushanpd@gmail.com
    Mr. Gajanayake S.M. Temporary Instructor Engineering / Civil 0712686937 shashikagajanayake@ gmail.com
    Mr. Kamalakkannan S. Temporary Instructor Engineering /Manufacturing & Industrial 0771263647 siva.kamalakkannan@ gmail.com


    Physical Structure

    Akbar Nell hall is the largest male hostel in the university which provides accommodation for 606 students. It comprises of Akbar wing, Nell wing, New wing and C wing. Akbar and Nell wings are four story buildings and each wing comprises of 92 rooms for students and 6 rooms for academic staff. New wing comprises of 80 student rooms and 8 academic staff rooms. Each student room is shared by two residents. C wing was originally a dining area and later modified as a residential area to cater growing demand. Akbar hall consists of 4 buildings. It has four wings as follows;

  • Akbar Wing
  • Nell Wing
  • New wing
  • C wing
  • Front view

    Side view


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